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Not sure wether the game shows like this in Japan or on his Steam, but I think it's the former.
If this is true, then I agree with BenWah that there is no problem here in principle. If you by a game out of region and it isn't unlocked in Japan you run the risk of not being able to unlock it. This is something that probably should have been researched better before the OP went ahead with it. I'm not sure what Valve/Steam can do here... I guess if you pestered them you could get a compassionate refund, but then again I don't see why they should have to do that. As Kadayi said the Russian thing was entirely different; the guy was trading for money which is prohibited by the user agreement.

This idea was further endorsed by Steam supports' assurance that "Purchases made directly through Steam are not restricted by territory."

If they actually sent that, then they've sent out incorrect information. Either the support staff who wrote this had no idea what they were talking about, or they misunderstood the question. In any event it wasn't appropriate.