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    FAQ - read this first!

    It strikes me that we could probably do with a thread to collate all our excellent tips and pieces of advice, so that new players don't have to look all over the place for it.

    If you have an unanswered question, or an unquestioned answer, or an improved answer to what I've scribbled down, post it / PM it / send it to me on Steam and I'll add it to the list.

    What version do you use?

    We're all using Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition or Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition (the two are cross-compatible). If you have the original or Dark Elves versions, they won't be able to play sorry.

    The game gives you an option between turn-based/real-time, and blitz/classic mode. All we play is Turn-Based and Classic.

    How can I learn how to play?

    Lots of ways. Reading through the GW rulebook is recommended for the absolute basics. Working out the mechanics is probably best done in singleplayer mode, but while the AI is able to move players and throw punches, it can't think tactically. To pick that up you're going to have to brave multiplayer. While you could use the random matchmaking offered in the game, you may want to use the RPS Challenge League for friendly and helpful opposition. Post in that thread if you want to play and one of our willing drones will show you the ropes. Or, if they're not available, I will.

    How can I take part?

    There's several different league systems in play. For one-off games, the aforementioned RPS Challenge League is your best bet. You can swap teams in and out of there at will and play whoever and whenever you like. Fun!

    If you want to get your league on, then the RPS Divisions of Death may appeal. These comprise of a massive multistack of four-team divisions. Seasons last about a month, one game every ten days, with promotions and relegations in between. You must join with a brand new team and further information can be found in the Spreadsheet FAQ

    If you want something longer-form then there is the RPS Open to consider. Seasons are several months long, with large divisions of developed teams (we'd recommend you only start with a completely new team if you know what you're doing, and you can be anything up to 1750 providing the matches played to get there were competitive) Sign up early to avoid disappointment, but do make sure you'll be able to play for that length of time before you do.

    Sounds pretty serious

    Well it's only one game every 10 days if you sign up, that's not too bad. You know what makes these divisions worthwhile though, you know why we're still expanding? It's a really nice group. If you want to log in, play your game and log off, then that's cool. But if you want to banter or commemorate your players in verse, or build up your team backstory, or talk tactics, then that's cool too. We like reading about the divisions as much as we like playing in them, and we're (generally) excellent.

    How can I sort my connection problems?

    Hughtower found an excellent guide which can be seen on this comprehensive post, so go read that. Port forwarding is more or less essential to remove about eight layers of faff from trying to join a game, and I'd recommend you do it.

    What is BB Manager?
    Potatoedoughnut's guide can be found just TWO POSTS UNDERNEATH THIS but in essence, it's a way to analyse and share match stats. Now go look at that post.

    Any other useful links?

    Samba Action Calculator is a glorious piece of kit that you can feed any action sequence into to see the chance of its success, with or without a reroll.

    How to create a team roster for showing off, etc, guide by Everblue.
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