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    For the Sake of Diablo, I Hate Korea

    There was recent concerns that Asian servers of Diablo 3, located for Korea to take advantage of its comparatively well established Internet infrastructure, were congested. Some South Korean gamers petitioned Blizzard to ban non-Korea IPs from access Asian (Korean) servers. What the Hell?! Those are Asian servers supposedly serving Asian versions of Diablo 3, including Chinese versions.

    More worrying fact is that Blizzard may lean on Korean gamers. Starcraft simply is dominated by South Korean gamers. And Blizzard, please be responsible. You are selling all those copies, then without doubt you are responsible for maintain server operation for every single copy of Diablo 3 you sold.

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    A corporation which actually listens to its petitioners? Looks like some of you Canadian folks could try petitioning EA, and ask them to stop being such screwballs.

    On topic, how is this even possible. Does Blizzard have the infrastructure and the capacity to keep servers running in China, Korea, AND other Asian countries? And why in hell does the server being in Korea, entitle Koreans to take up half ass measures against other players? Blizzard will seriously go down a peg or two, if they take this measure, without some other servers to be used the other "general Asian population, such as myself.

    Will be seriously pissed if this messes up with my already low online time. Come on Blizzard, you developed WoW and found a way to support it's population without too much issues. Surely Diablo is not much of a problem?

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