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    Renaissance, Pyramids, Spaceship - Civilization series

    Yeah, I'm doing this on account of the free weekend, but really I want to gauge interest.

    Civilization 5 looks great, but the AI cant actually play it worth a toffee, you don't feel smart fielding a massive synchronised amphibious attack on another nation when its just 0's and 1's.

    So, where is the real community here? Civ 4 or 5? Also, I'd like to mention that I am interested in playing the Civ4 Reboot of colonisation too.
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    I'm not sure about the community, but I still play both quite often. It's like an hour a week thing for me now, with a few constant games running.

    In regards to improving the overall Civ 5 experience, check my personal favourite out.

    And of course the civ fanantics portal for the above mod/s:

    I actually own the colonization and haven't played it for about 6 months, but I thought it was quite good personally. Your mileage my vary but definitely worth trying.

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    On the RPS steam chatroom, it's Civ 5 dominating, but it has issues. For one, when more then 4 people tried to play on the same game, the game lagged and other problems. Thus, the 8 players had to disband to 2 separate 4 man games. I personally like Civ 4 more, since Religions, Corporations, spying, good AI (God, I really hate Mansa Munsa) more stable MP (I also personally hate 1 single unit per hex and hexes themselves) Also, in terms of performance, I prefer Civ 4 as well. I really hate the DLC deal going around Civ 5. Come on, those extra civs and scenarios in a DLC? Those same civs & scenarios were included by default in the Civ 4 or came out with an expansion, not with the DLC thingy. And finally, Fall from Heavens mod for Civ 4 = epicness!

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