Right, so here's a thing.

A repeated refrain on these forums is to claim that RPS is not, in some form, As Good As It Used To Be. Generally these claims tend to centre around our no longer posting as much of X as we used to, instead focusing too much on Y. Invariably these protests aren't based in fact, as we post more of everything than we ever have before. However, it would also give the impression that there would be a louder voice of interest when we *do* post things that don't fall into the grumble zones. But quite the reverse is true.

So if we post about Diablo III, as we jolly well should, discussion threads go hundreds of comments long, with all the regulars mixed up with passersby and occasionals, often having excellent chats and arguments. If we say that DRM is bad, which we should and always will, we can expect a lively/rude/repetitive thread of much chatter.

But when we so frequently post the subjects people like to imagine we don't any more, obscure indie games, peculiar obscura, general silliness, invariably the comments are few and lacklustre. The regulars go quiet, and the post appears mostly ignored by our community.

As the most recent example, two hours ago I posted about one of the most impressive games I've seen this year - Gateways - and it's so far had a grand total of six comments, most of which aren't primarily about the game.

I think, if the NAGAIUTB threads are going to be so frequent and vociferous, it only makes sense that those grumbling act as if they mean it. Clearly people can comment on anything they wish, and if a post goes un-commented-upon, then that's absolutely fine. But it's not so fine, I don't think, that there should be what I can only perceive as a confusing hypocrisy from those who moan.

Honestly, I despair that a game as fantastic as Gateways isn't getting people chatting, excited, or arguing. There's not even a suggestion for how to get past that bastard puzzle I described. Just the appearance of complete disinterest from readers. Fortunately we're too stubborn to back down on posting about these unknown and fantastic games, but you know what - I'd really find it a lot less galling if I weren't so frequently being told I'm not doing it in the first place.