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    RPS Steam Groups Mega-List!

    Thought a list of the extant RPS steam groups would be nice. If I missed any or you make any new ones or any of these are permanently defunct let me know below.

    Rock, Paper, Shotgun : Because fighting is only right.
    RPS Solium Infernum : Rock, Paper, Satan
    Rock Paper Shotgun – Dwarf Fortress Community : The Rock, Paper, Shotgun Dwarf Fortress community
    Rock, Paper, Shooting : Because Shooting is All We Do
    RPS Bloodbowl : For RPS Bloodbowl players
    Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Section, 8, Prejudice
    RPS Borderlands : Borderlands Co-Op for members of Rock Paper Shotgun
    RPS Holdings : Official Steam group of RPS Holdings Corp
    Rock, Paper, Synapse : Rock, Paper, Shotgun readers playing Frozen Synapse. In Steam.
    RPS Terraria : Blood Moon Risin'
    Rock, Paper, Brink : Rocking your Paper Shotgun in a Brink.
    RPS Community DoW group : RPS Man-thinks!
    Rock, Paper, Retro! : We play old games to make us feel superior
    Rock, Paper, Secession : RPS plays Scourge of War: Gettysburg!
    RPS 4X(XX) : Oooh yeah, love me some of that hot turned-based 4X(XX) action!
    RPS Shogun 2 MP
    Rock, Paper, Shotgun Minecraft Community : (unofficial) Rock, Paper, Shotgun Minecraft Community
    Rock, Paper, Scotland : PC Gaming Yer Maw
    Rock, Paper, Shotgun Action: Half-Life
    Robe, Paper, Shotgun : Dunka dunka time at Castle Shotgun.
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