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    They're not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by b0rsuk View Post
    Could you explain what's the fuss about ? What makes this developer special ? They have the lead designer of Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri (contradiction). They've made a game some people like. What am I missing ?
    As the others have said, Rise of Nations was great.

    Their involvement in Kingdoms of Amalur was a goddamn mistake. Not necessarily because it was a bad game, but because management was entirely dysfunctional. That's 38 Studios' fault (and they paid the price for it, which is the reward for forgetting that you're still a business and not managing your development properly) who bought out Big Huge Games. The hope was that we might see another RoN.

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    Amalur would not have existed it if 38 had not picked up BHG when THQ dumped them.

    2007, last game from BHG before Amalur.

    2009, THQ dropped them. 38 bought them keeping 60% of their employees, Brian Reynolds leaves. They adapted the MMO lore into the RPG BHG was already working on.

    They should have just let BHG finish their work on their lore. Might have been better with more time to focus on the game.

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