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    [AAR] Tactical Tuesday 05/06/2012 - Breaking the speed limit

    Comrades, last week we broke the big five-oh for playercount. This week we broke 60, hitting a peak of 62 simultaneous players. We’re growing faster than we can come up with new missions, so I encourage you all to try your hand at making a little something with the F2 frame work (I’ll link it in a day or two, when the new version is released).

    The number of missions we’re getting done each session is falling because we’re doing bigger missions to accommodate the higher player counts. Still, they're absolutely glorious.

    I’d like to stress the importance of keeping banter to chat or (during missions) in-game group VON. This is becoming an increasingly important issue as our numbers skyrocket – it’s imperative that we have a nice, clear briefing and clean comms so that the mission doesn’t get bogged down. We don’t want people sitting on their thumbs, we want them firing wildly into the sky!

    As of the next few sessions we’ll be enforcing a new rule with regards to slotting: you MUST have CC (last section of this post) set up if you want to pick an important role such as a leader or commander. Or even an attachment team! I know it’s extra work, but it’s difficult to communicate effectively through these numbers without these tools. For those of you who attend Folk Sunday, there's a similar feature you need to set up in TeamSpeak.

    Now, to tonight’s glory:

    • Lead Stocks
    • Greenola (Adversarial)
    • River Assault

    Lead Stocks was a meatgrinder across hedged fields. Many men lost their lives for the glorious revolution – but we still managed to capture one arms dealer and eliminate the other before he could complete his deals.

    Greenola saw BluFor try to destroy caches at night, after inserting by Chinook. It was a slaughter, but against all odds, BluFor won. Their very last man on the ground destroyed the last cache. The very definition of a Phyrric victory.

    River Assault was a combined arms river crossing. It should have been set to Hell March – lots of shooting, lots of death, and some unfriendly fire (be careful about that, Gents).

    After the session there was at least one new adversarial tested, but as I had to run off to work I leave the description of that to Bodge.

    Have some screenshots instead:

    After I left, we apparently saw:

    • Viva Pinata (Adversarial)
    • Smile for the Camera (Adversarial)
    • Tankicious (Adversarial)

    Viva Pinata is a new mission by Bodge. It features exploding goats.

    Smile for the Camera is a three-way hostage handover by StrangLove.

    Tankicious is team deathmatch in up-armoured (or down-gunned) T34s, by Head.

    I'm amazed to see we had more than 40 around for Pinata, with Smile and Tankicious still getting 20-30 each!
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