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    Quote Originally Posted by Mohorovicic View Post
    Even if you turn off floating damage numbers, XP gain, etc. you still have a game with pseudorandomly generated loot with minimum stat requirements and... well, levels in the first place.

    What I meant by saying L4D2 is more arcadey is that the survivors were made more "colorful" and most of the game takes place during the day or in "zany" locations like the amusement park level. Combined with some mechanics changes(slower hordes, melee weapons, defibs) the game feels noticeably less gritty and more like Serious Sam: Zombie Coop Edition than like actual survival horror.
    I'll admit, I only made it a few hours into Dead Island. But the stat requirements for gear didn't feel particularly restricting to me. And the way I played, it was mostly "Grab a weapon, use it until it is near breaking, throw it, grab a new one. Switch to cutting implement if I see a big guy". As opposed to even L4D1 where you have random safehouses full of guns and ammo. And infinite ammo pistols...

    End of the day, they are both games with mechanics. I am pretty sure the argument you are making is that you expected a more "gritty" and "realistic" zombie game. Which is exactly what I initially assumed you were saying in this post:

    Quote Originally Posted by gundato View Post
    Uhm, an arcadey approach works for Left 4 Dead and Killing Floor.

    I think the problem is that a lot of people (clearly mohor is one of them :p) saw the trailer, never looked into the game any further than that, and made their decisions on those grounds.

    And I would take a cricket bat over endlessly spamming the rifle-butt button any day of the week.
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    @Woundedbum: They have their own issues actually - L4D characters have obviously different models but use same animations as L4D2 ones which causes issues, a lot of audio comments/character feedback doesn't play at all(this is a problem with entirety of L4D2), plus the gameplay/AI changes, such as teddybear Tanks.

    @gundato: Please, I'm not one to fall for such a cheap shot as the Dead Island teaser. Serious tones are just all over the game.
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    Really? Seems ok to me, I use a model swap mod too and it even plays character sounds on maps they're not suppose to be on, even custom maps.

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    That is such a lol moment xD

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    That is such a weird necro...

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    You're starting to live to your name already. And that is not a compliment.

    If you had to dig through more than 3 pages to find a thread, it's dead. Leave it.
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