Just thought I would make a post about Natural Selection 2, as it has yet to be a fully featured RPS post nor has it a had thread on the forums, afaik.

So, for those who do not know what NS2 is it is a sequel to a mod for HL1, developed in a new engine called Spark created by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. The gameplay concept is sci-fi aliens vs marines with FPS and RTS perspectives and mechanics. So each team has a commander and fight for resources, map control and destroying their structures. In addition it has tech trees and upgrades as well.

It is currently in preorder access beta, with still some features left to be added, and is out August/September I believe.

Some quotes and nominations from E3:

Kotaku: NS2 is a genius mash of Counter-Strike and Starcraft

GameSpy: NS2 is a PC exclusive shooter you should watch

PC Gamer: NS2 Dev: It's the most moddable game ever

GameSpy: Best Indie Game E3 2012: Winner

Destructoid: Best of PC - Nominated, Best of Indie - Nominated

Also here are two preview videos:



I play it quite regularly and enjoy it immensely. It also has jetpacks and wall-climbing aliens!

Anyone else playing, or are planning to play it? If you are new I dearly recommend you to check out tutorials, as in game tutorials and help is very limited at the moment!

ps. I think it is quite a shame that this has not received more than 1 post (in February) on the frontpage, as it is certainly a news worthy game I would think.