Stranger than fiction, surely.

General jist is Raw Entertainment (Thomas Jane and Tim Bradstreet) are teaming up with Red Fly Studios (SWTFU2 and Ghostbusters) to make an episodic 3rd person brawler based on the comic "Bad Planet". They are asking for $575,000 to fund a 2-4 hour pilot UE3-powered game for this episodic series. Emphasis are being made on hyper-violence smashy, telling the story of the protagonist "The Convict" and the universe therein, and a distinct visual style as close to the comic book series as possible.

This... is weird. It worked for adventure games, it kinda worked for space-shooters (Wing Commander Prophecy Secret Missions), don't remember if it's been done with hack'n'slash games. I'm tempted.

Also related: Thomas Jane does a fan-film revisiting the Punisher. Includes Ron Pearlman and an unbreakable bottle of bourbon. Slightly NSFW. Kinda awesome. Somewhat tangentially gaming related due to stars.