You may have noticed the Splice showing up in the list of Steam's new releases. A while back there was a spotlight on a bunch of demos from the 2011 Level Up competition, but now the spotlight is gone and half of the demos are too. Fortunately, they've also been organized on indiegamemag, and the individual pages are still there to download from.

Haven't tried them all yet, but Splice definitely stood out from it. Wonderful aesthetic. Looks like they coincided the game's release with the disappearance of the spotlight, which is kinda sad. They could easily have kept the page up.

Cipher Prime is also responsible for Auditorium and Fractal. (And Pulse, but we don't talk about that.) I'm pretty sure everyone has played the Auditorium demo by now. I also recall something about kickstarting Auditorium 2, and something about it falling flat on its face. I have no idea if Fractal is any good; it looked way too arcadey for my taste.

I'd probably have bought Splice already, but I can't justify spending any more money on games when I still have most of Humble Indie Bundle 5 to play. Still curious though. Has anyone else picked it up?