Hey guys, got a HD5970 in the PC at the moment, and really it's still more than powerful enough right now. It's only problem is, it has 2GB of VRAM split over 2 chips and so when it comes to using a high texture pack like in Skyrim it buggers itself trying to load in new textures - if I stand and look at a scene I'll get silky smooth frames, but turning causes stuttering.

Now my question is, would I be better off waiting and selling the card and getting a new GPU later on, or buying a second 5970 to go with it? I realise it's getting on now, but it's powerful (up there with the 580 I think?) and I'm not sure I can justify selling/replacing it yet.

I also realise it might not solve the stutter due to Xfire being a bit shonky though. Thoughts?