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    Anyone else in the closed beta of Smite and wants to discuss, ramble, play?

    So far i really enjoy the game. It beeing in third person really adds to the fun of a MOBA for me. Especially as you get slower when you turn around for example to check how far that Kali is behind you only to get in range while doing so.
    The unboosted unlock rates however are abysmally slow, as we are used to from Hi-Rez (Tribes: Ascend). A long, good and won game gives out only little more than 100 favor and a new god is 5500. And it appears they even acknowledge that! You get some sort of xp after games that lets you level up, what offers no advantage to the game except you need lvl 6 to be able to play on the non-novice servers (not really an advantage, i miss the nice and forgiving novice days). But each lvlup gives you whooping 1000xp. So at least for the first lvls, unlocks are primarly paid for by lvlups.

    Of course, if you spend 15€ on the starter pack, you already have all but 2 gods at your disposal.

    edit: When sharing beta keys, please do not post them openly in the forum, that attracts bots, crawling through the interwebs, snatching whatever looks like a key. Better send them via pm and make a post informing that you took care of the request.

    edit from the far future: Everybody can send unlimited beta keys now. PM me your email and ill take care of you.
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