Hi all,

I love all the interesting and obscure games Rock, Paper, Shotgun covers, but I find myself often forgetting about really interesting games in the time between when I read a preview and when it comes out months later that or when I finally have time to play it. Do you have that problem too?

So, to scratch my own itch I build a little web service called GameLater, which you can find here: http://gamelater.herokuapp.com

GameLater is very simple: you're given a bookmarklet and you can save RPS articles, including the game name and a description or choice bon mot. You'll then find the game and article saved on the GameLater website and can buy the game on Amazon US and UK if it's available. If you give your email you'll receive a notification email the day a game you saved is released on Amazon.

I'm posting it here because I find it super useful I save one or two RPS previews a day and I hope that the rest of the RPS community will like it too. This is a very early version and I'm sure you'll run into issues. For instance, the only way to log into your account on a second computer is to manually edit the site cookie on the new computer! I'd really appreciate any and all feedback you have and bugs you find, whether through these forums, on Twitter (I'm @pr1001), or via email (peter@bubblefoundry.com).

Finally, I have affiliate codes attached to all the affiliate links, so if you buy something using one of the Amazon links I'll make a little bit of money. If you hate the idea of me making money on this, don't click on the links. ;-)

Thanks and I look forward to hearing what you think!