View Poll Results: Which faction would you like the RPS outfit to opt with on Planteside 2?

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  • The Terran Republic (TR)

    16 16.16%
  • The New Conglomerate (NC)

    38 38.38%
  • The Vanu Sovereignty (VS)

    45 45.45%
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    Rock, Paper WHICH SIDE ALREADY? (with poll)

    So there's been some discussion as to what side the inevitable RPS outfit is gonna be on -

    There has not, however, been an agreement on which. So, here's a poll. Seen as a lot of people (myself included) are going to want to join the fight as soon as possible, it makes sense to have the leading side become official once the closed beta launches. Sound fair?

    I'll just use my (limited) influence as the OP to nudge votes towards the Vanu: sleek, sexy MAX suits with an emphasis on technology and flexibility? Yes please.

    Edit: We've subtly advanced a stage further, with a (mostly pointless for the meantime) steam group:
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