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The only issue with that is time zones. As in, it would be pretty awesome if we could plan attacks and operations on a 24 hour basis, with the yanks and such popping on to carry on the good fight when its time for us euros to go to bed. And of course, people will be frustrated if their chosen faction happens to be on a high ping (for them) server.
Definitely true as far as factions goes, but honestly if people want to play together than 60% are going to have to join a faction that isn't their first choice. At least this way there is two options, people can have alts and try the different side vehicles, etc.

I mean, who knows how good the architecture will be. For all I know I'll be able to play from Seattle on a London-based server and have an excellent connection. But in the likely event that that's not the case, I'll probably have to spend time on a US server even without it.

The real question is how many people we can get on board with this. I suspect all the interest means we'll have enough to have a contingent on both US and UK servers.

Just too bad there have to be, you know, separate servers, and not an EVE-style EVERYONE IN ONE setup.