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    Looking for a serious Shogun 2 player for co-op

    Hai dare!

    I am currently jobless so i kind of have a lot of time on my hands to play through some games. I've started the Shogun 2 campaign many a times but every time i abandon it at some point because i tend to suck too much. A couple of times in the past i've played Co-op with some people but after a couple of games they'd not come online for very long periods and the whole "flow" of the game was lost.

    So i am looking for someone from europe, english speaking, who has some free time during the day (spend the evenings/nights with the wife and kid so won't really be playing after 5pm or so) to play some serious Shogun 2 co-op. I have the Rise of the Samurai and Ikko Ikki and the Blood Pack. I have played a lot of PvP battles online so i am doing alright on the battle map, however i am not all that good on the campaign map and i would love to get some advice.
    I'd love to finish a campaign for once, see all that the game has to offer.

    If anyone's interested, drop a comment and we can exchange IMs or something.

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    You'll probably attract more people if you post it here

    I'd be up for it. But I do not have a mic. Add me on steam if you'd like to try a short campaign anyway.

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