My Minecraft (non griefing) Pixelmon server is up and the pokemon are there to be captured/battled with!

Everything you need to join in the fun can be found here

In the .zip file linked above is:

Official Minecraft installer (be sure to install 1.6.4 for my server)
Forge Installer (then make sure to set the minecraft launcher to 1.6.4 FORGE after installing)
Pixelmon mod (3.0.4, put it in your %appdata%/.minecraft/mods folder
a pixelmon resource pack (put it in your %appdata%/.minecraft/resourcepacks folder

The server is whitelisted so be sure to come on my mumble first to ask to be added to the whitelist or drop me a PM on here.

server map Is here


No griefing/stealing/destroying other peoples stuff
replant any community food you take :)

hoping to get some pokemon battle tournaments up in a week or 2 :) will post any updates about the server on