Hi guys. Got a weird problem. I have a fairly powerful desktop machine running Windows 7 - Core2Quad @ 266Ghz, 4GB RAM. Every time it starts up, it hangs for almost exactly the same amount of time - around 30 seconds. During this time the system is unresponsive, and I can hear a physical HDD read noise in a steady rhythm every 1 second: chug.... chug... chug... chug...

It's a powerful PC, and almost no apps are loading in the background (dropbox and 4 autohotkey scripts) and even then, they've already loaded before this happens.

It happens like clockwork on every single boot and it's starting to drive me batty. I have a 1GB Atom machine in the kitchen that doesn't share this problem.

HDD is a 2TB one sort of short stroked - a 300GB partition and then a 1.7TB one for data. Steam (Which DOESN'T launch on startup) is on the 300GB along with Windows. 1.7TB partition is just music, photos etc.