Yeah so this is a shameless plug. Some of you may remember me as hariseldon from the unofficial Minecraft server (in which case please ignore my prior knobbishness, but focus on the gigantic penis that I built there). Anyway, I was bored and thought I'd learn flash, and this was what happened.

It's a little rough around the edges in places and I need to get a working high score table sorted but otherwise it should be a decent crack. It's only 50k-ish so nice and small, won't work your PC too hard.

You are a panda. A skint panda. Evil giant bees have enslaved the earth and crave the meat of sheep. You are going to herd the sheep to the bees to get coins. Simples. The panda is controlled by clicking where you want him to go (hold the button down). Avoid getting stung as those bees do love a good bit of robbery.

I got to around 6000 but then I suck at my own game.

- On some linux machines the fonts disappear. I fixed it by downloading the latest flash from adobe. No idea why that would cause a problem.

Hope you guys enjoy yourselves, and feel free to suggest improvements or tell me it sucks arse.