So I had the pleasure of meeting a whole bunch of you on Saturday, but in my excitement at drinking and playing games I forgot to broach a subject that I had meant to. I'm looking to join a new London based RPG group, as my last has buggered off for the summer and I'm in the mood for meeting new people.

Games wise I'm happy to play pretty much anything, there is always something in a system or setting I can get excited about. In the past I've played the various incarnations of DnD, Shadowrun, Savage Worlds, tried most everything put out by White Wolf and made a character for Eclipse Phase who sadly never saw the light of day. I'd much rather play than run, as I've been running things for the last year or so.

So if any groups have room for one more, or there are a gaggle of role-players looking for a group, I'd be delighted.

(Oh relatively new to these forums, so if this is in the wrong section, please tell me off.)