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    Someone to write a Getting Into Bloodbowl article for the forum?

    Title says most of what I want. Would there be a knowledgable chappie or chappette who could write such a thing? It would be good to have stickied in the Games Clubs section.
    Something like a rundown of the game, a good team to start, where to go to learn, and an explanation of the leagues?

    I know it may be simple, and it is all learnable by throwing yourself in, but I think it would be possible to get more people involved if they had an easier time gettng into it.
    Providing that, and some nice people to learn against could mean even better numbers.

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    There's the FUMMBBBLLLL thread, or however one spells it. For the Cyanide game just posting something along the lines of "hello what is this I don't even" in any of the Divisions of Death, Challenge League, Cup, or RPS Open threads is likely to get you a "why not make a team or two in the challenge league, and we'll show you the ropes" type post.

    Speaking of which, why not make a team or two and apply them to the challenge league? we'll show you the ropes.
    The various RSP competitions are:

    The RPS Open (a long-form, everyone plays everyone division that's likely to last about three months and has just started
    The Divisions of Death (a ladder made up of smaller leagues, each season lasting about a month (which has just started but you might squeeze in if you post today)
    The RPS Cup (a one-off, 64-person knockout cup, that may or may not be a one-off since it was so popular, but on the other hand is quite clearly the single worst idea ever and something that we must never talk of again since I just got beaten in the third round. That's going on at the moment (or would be, if it was something we talk about))
    The Challenge League (not a competition, no seasons, join at any time, just a place for playing some blood bowls aghainst other RPSers without running into dirty cheaters and farmers like in the Cyanide leagues)

    As for other leagues - Naggaroth in the Cyanide game is the least worst of the unmoderated ones (relatively busy, and unlike Auld World the farmers at least have to put a bit of effort in to cheat their teams to unlikely levels of skill) and the Forum Open League is probably the best pick for moderated ones, although you would have to play a few games in Nagg first so the moderators can tell you're not a cheater or disconnector, and accept you to FOL.
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