The games have become too much about micro and not enough about scrapping.

I like microing in DOW2, getting my space biff mans in the best positions and occaisionally pointing where somebody throws a grenade, but I hate the starcraft 2 style of microing of constantly having to click because your units are too herp a derp to use their abilities.

Starcraft 2 was made to be played by the people who developed pro gaming from Starcraft 1, but to me that feels like the 'wrong' way to play the game? Ya getting me?

Even the whole scouting with your harvesters feels like bullshit to me.

(New) Blizzard games always come down to math now it seems and it just doesn't serve me as a 'game.'

Rather than knowing a unit's DPS and if i can cancel an animation, I'd rather be making intelligent use of my MLRS artillery thats hotkeyed to 2 and then press 3 then D to see all my grenadiers pile out my APCs but whats that? A flame tank has set an explosive chain reaction off and that has wiped out half my force...

But ahh Dark Reign, Warzone 2100, Total Annihilation, C&C... what corkers.