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    Quote Originally Posted by Halop View Post
    Wolfenswan, what is that mod you have in the video that shows who has disembarked the vehicle? Looks very useful.
    mike's m4k_hud_info

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    ^^ It's very handy indeed :P

    Anyhow the last 10 minutes of Big Air were fantastically chaotic, loved every bit of it :)

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    That reminds me, could you PM me a link to your ST-Hud Alternative?

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    I was unfortunately unable to attend this week due to a Canadian being asleep on my couch....
    hopefully next week!

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    Here's my version of the last moments in Big Air, roughly from when Charlie squad starts the return trip to the airstrip with a fuel truck in tow.
    Clips are fully loaded, and then blood floods the lawn

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    Lol what the hell happened to that C-130 after taking off in the video? Had no idea I actually took off :D. For me the game froze right at the half-point of the runway and I only saw the debrief with the plane on the ground.

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    Big Air was epic, It is amazing how quickly everything went to hell.

    Despite Bravo losing its CO (Bodge) things weren't going too badly. We had captured two fuel trucks and were making our way to the third when the Commander went down, whoever took command gave the order to head back as soon as possible. On the way back (as you can see in Wolfenswans video) we got ambushed, what you don't see in the video was me in the fuel truck that was following the Ural peel off to the right. I don't quite know how my fuel truck didn't explode into a glorious fireball but I managed to make it back to the airfield where Unaco was able to patch me up. Whilst Unaco was patching me up I saw the C130 rolling past us and crashing into the hangar with a dead pilot behind the controls. At this point I felt our chances of escape were somewhat slim.

    Once I was back on my feet we met up with the remainders of Bravo which had been at almost full strength when we started back to the Airfield but now consisted of only 4 men. We checked the Antonovs but it was clear they were in no condition to fly and there were no engineers to repair them. A bullet ridden fuel tank wasn't enough to deter Wolf, and we watched as the foor fool lef tthe ground for about 10 seconds before returning to earth with a bang. I'd like to think that the resulting explosion distracted the enemy long enough for Myself, Unaco and Dogface to make it to the waiting Mi-8 at the end of the run way and safety.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fer
    Quote Originally Posted by Astro Nit
    This is my first contribution, so feel free to tell me what I've done wrong ... All in all really enjoyed myself, and am pleased that in this, my 3rd FOLK session, I am actually hitting things now. Thanks to all
    Really glad you enjoyed yourself - and nothing at all wrong with your AAR post, comrade Astro Nit!

    Internecine DC

    Echo FTL: Null
    |- Rifleman: Fer

    Under pressure from the Party to deliver a rapid victory , comrade commander mingmong opted for a direct assault across the fields to the east of the objective. Hamlets ENE and ESE of the fields were used as jumping off points for A/B/C and D/E/F squads respectively (the FTL of Delta leading D/E/F).

    From our jumping off point we moved quickly towards the objective, making use of the surprising amount of cover on offer for the first 100m. However, as we neared the final approach the ground became barren, and I heard my FTL calmly instruct us to re-zero to 200 and remark that this would be where the enemy would hit us. The bullets duly arrived, as if waiting for this cue.

    I ran, throwing both my grenades towards the undergrowth ahead at the outskirts of the village. With perhaps 30m to go, I spotted a wounded enemy fighter attempting to crawl back to the safety of nearby structures. I paused long enough to stand, aim and riddle his body with bullets. And for one of his comrades to kill me.


    Note: If transport vehicles are available and the CO chooses to use them - and squads/attachments have not been pre-embarked by the mission maker - then it is the CO's job to unambiguously assign squads to vehicles. S/he can delegate this task to the DC, but please do not leave it to the various elements to sort it out between themselves. An extra 30 seconds invested at the start will deliver faster assaults and greater participation in back-of-the-truck singsongs.


    Squad 10 Puppeteer: Fer

    As part of the half of the company assigned to the defence of Nagara, I knew we would be facing the bronegruppa. I did not know that the enemy had nicknamed its IFVs 'Broneys' but would have giggled approvingly had I been informed. Giggled, and then shot them in the face with an RPG-7. Sadly, I never got the chance.

    Note: Random trivia, when the Folk sessions were being devised I was reading the wonderful book, The bear went over the mountain, where I first learned of the bronegruppa concept. The AARs in that book heavily influenced the Folk style of mission (see early Folk classics like Highway), but it's taken just under 2 years to get a bronegruppa included in a mission.

    Comrade commander Bodge tasked my squad with laying an ambush for the broneys, occupying the rocky high ground south of Nagara and waiting for the enemy to come trundling down the road before hitting them in the side/rear with RPGs. Accordingly, I attempted to disperse my men amongst the rocks and waited, presuming my force to be in concealment if not cover.

    The broneys appeared quickly, but had been reading from a different script, peeping over a ridge far to the SE, with spacings of many hundreds of metres between them. Whoever was commanding the bronegruppa was making very sensible uses of their cannons and optics, firing at Nagara from stand-off positions far out of the range of our RPGs. My squad members, despite orders to go prone and find cover, seemed intent on wriggling towards the enemy, and very soon a punishing hail of AP and PKT rounds was shredding the men around me. Remembering my Party training, I immediately recognised the importance of keeping myself alive and hid in some rocks.

    Over comms I suspected that horrible combat things were happening in the other half of the green zone, and soon Bodge had given me command over the southern detachment. I ordered squads 6, 7, 8 and 9 to go to ground in various parts of the town, since the obvious response to the broneys' stand-off tactic was to deprive them of targets and lure them in to closer positions (or the town itself).

    The enemy did eventually come in closer, but possibly because they were successfully killing targets, rather than being deprived of them. At one stage I believe an IFV was just on the other side of the rocks I was hiding behind, because I could hear very excited chatter coming from the crew (who were busy murderising our troops in the town below). Without even a hand grenade to throw, all I could do was crouch there with my AK on full auto, in case the vehicle's commander should dismount and creep forward for a better view.

    After what seemed like a long time, and very substantial casualties on our part, a handful of rockets began to arc away from the town and towards the broneys. As the enemy pulled back I was able to crawl out to the body of one of my men and recover an RPG launcher with two rounds. Moving carefully through the rocks, I made it to a bunker and discovered that at least one of the enemy IFVs had been knocked out. Another was further up the hillside, seemingly immobile. Convinced that the third had retreated back up to the ridge I slung my RPG launcher on my shoulder and headed up the slope to hunt down this final threat - becoming aware that comrade Wolfenswan was now nearby and pursuing a similar tactic.

    Near the top of the ridge I encountered at least two enemy dismounts - possibly crew from the final vehicle. They murderised me.

    Note: The aiXX missions are something new to the Folk sessions, and balancing them is a skill we have yet to master. Your thoughts and suggestions are really valuable. Similarly, I'd like to hear guests' thoughts on the use of the bronegruppa concept.



    A3 FTL: Fer
    |- AR: SuperU
    |- AAR: StrangLove
    |- RPG: Billy Bunter

    Alpha, under comrade mingmong, was to be in the centre of the advance, which itself would follow the road right into the first town. Comrade Ansob's A1 would be the tip of the spear - our job, in A3, was to advance on the right hand side of the road.

    We made contact with the enemy early on, encountering a foot patrol on the road east of the first settlement. Soon my fireteam was up on the slope amongst some rocks, pouring SAW fire down onto the little village as the rest of Alpha advanced into the closest structures. With Bravo clearing the higher ground to our right, we gingerly moved amongst a series of small walls and sheds that filled up the ground to the north of the village. Eventually, comrade mingmong was satisfied that A1 and A2 had cleared all enemies, and ordered the whole squad to re-position so that all fireteams were south of the road and better able to see and support each other. I took A3 across the road, hugging the roadside walls of the last few compounds before forming up next to a low wall in the meadow ahead.

    The advance through the meadow was a more difficult proposition. Amidst the trees and long grass, low walls and scattered sheds, the enemy was often hard to spot until almost upon us. To the south-west, I could see troops moving to face A1 and called out accordingly on comms. The next few minutes became a frantic close-range firefight during which A1 (and possibly A2) took losses.

    My fireteam kept moving, slowly, trying to use low walls as cover. At one stage almost all of Alpha collapsed on in our position, as we grimly held on against fire from both the front and our flank (which we suspected to be friendly fire from Bravo). A single grenade might have wiped out our squad, but with my SAW gunner and then AAR in need of medical attention we had little choice. An enemy infantryman advanced to within grenade 'posting' distance of us before I realised and shot him!

    When we were ready to move again, we did so, but slowly. Our next objective was the town, but the cover between us and the nearest structures could just as easily have concealed enemies as us. So I had my fireteam move slowly, often crawling, and made generous use of hand grenades myself. We reached the town intact, then crossed the road minmong's orders, A3 having been tasked with clearing the multi-storey structures there.

    Splitting into combat buddy teams, we set about the nervy task of sweeping the floors of each building. I had a nasty shock as I encountered and narrowly won a quick-draw contest with an enemy AR in a building, but comrade Billy Bunter was backing me up, and comrades SuperU and StrangLove appeared to be doing a methodical job in their structures. Then we got a frantic call from comrade mingmong.

    Our SL was stuck on the ground floor of a 2-storey structure to our south. Something deeper in the building, or perhaps outside on the heavily fortified Mosque across the road, was putting fire down on him. We attempted to go to his aid, but we're caught by the same enemy fire. I lost comrade Billy Bunter there, and was myself shot - only quick-thinking from comrade StrangLove saved me. By the time I was patched up again, comrade Ansob was in command of Alpha.

    We were to assault the mosque, crossing the street and attempting to force our way past the defenders at the eastern gate. I shot at least one myself before being wounded again, and as I was being patched-up I remarked that the man I had just killed had been holding an AK with a night scope. Even in our smaller form, Alpha was still able to breach the entrance, my AR and AAR ascending the stairs on either side to begin clearing the top of the outer walls. I went north with one of them, but the enemy's rooftop positions had obviously been decimated by fire from other squads, as all we found were bodies and unmanned DShKMs.

    After a hurried check of the main building and its rooftops, we all rendezvoused at the western gate, then struck out north. I believed we would be joining Bravo, at this point some hundreds of metres up the road. However, we were told that the high value target in this town had not been located, so we were to sweep the buildings again. Finally, the eagle-eyed medic spotted the HVT on the upper story of the building where comrade mingmong had died earlier.

    We assaulted the building but were too casual this time. Comrade StrangLove had been the first to mount the stairs located at the back of a garage area, and opened fire on the HVT. It so happened that the HVT was standing almost directly above the entrance into the garage area, so as I came through the door I saw a figure on the stairs (comrade StrangLove) firing in what I mistakenly thought to be my direction. I raised my rifle and fired. I didn't kill StrangLove, as I understand others in the room made a similar mistake; but I probably contributed to his death! The mission ended soon afterwards, with no further action for our squad.

    Huge shout out to comrades SuperU, StrangLove and Billy Bunter, who were really superb!


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    [AAR] Folk [Sun] 22 July 2012 (Bad Hair)

    Cross-posting from the official AAR thread in the Folk forum (please please cross-post, or Party officials may detain you):

    Quote Originally Posted by fer
    • Two Days To Retirement (Vybor)
    • Lion
    • Shapur Raiders
    • Skyline
    • Czech Mate

    Perhaps any evening that begins with men carry Uzis and sporting very questionable haircuts and clothes should be treated as deeply suspect. Then again, that's how all of my real-life meet-ups with comrade Tigershark have started.


    Thank you to all comrades who came along tonight. Again, our playercount was north of 40, and we pushed comfortably past the official 2-hour mark (I called the official session to a close after 3 hours). However, for the first few missions we were also massacred by merciless AI foes (sometimes directed by even more merciless human puppeteers). When it was all looking very grim indeed, the Party gave comrade Stranglove the task of delivering victory in Skyline. Proving that the Pary can motivate anyone, comrade Stranglove duly delivered an almost perfect victory (only 2 brave souls were lost in our sweep of the enemy-held ridge). Afterwards, comrade Toppometer led a smaller platoon to a second victory in Czech Mate. Glorious stuff (in the end)!


    On a serious note, apologies for the above-average levels of death in Lion. Whilst official Party records will show that comrade commander Nullkigan was incompetent in his handling of the forces at his disposal, years later (and then only in a rare interview to a foreign magazine), the mission maker may admit that the aiXX mission concept still suffers from balance issues. Though rest assured, in true Party style, we shall continue to experiment even at the cost of further lives.

    :science101: + :commissar:

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    I had to go and sleep an hour~ so I missed TDTR and Lion. Sadly, 'cuz I tested the first and would've been awesome to bring my MLG pro-ninja skillz. Oh well.
    Sorry ppl in my teams, I forgot your names :(

    Shapur Raiders
    Charlie SL: Head
    Charlie 1 FTL: IceRaiser
    AR: Caper(or were you AT?)
    AAR: Forgot
    AT: Someone els.

    We were tasked with setting up on the west side of the road and ambush the convoy.
    Head drove us up to the first compound, we dismounted and quickly learned that we were 50m away from the convoy. Some shooting and a few vehicles down; then I got a 7.62 to the face >.<

    Echo FTL: IceRaiser
    AR: Some new guy(forgot :<)
    AAR: Black Mamba
    AT: Tink(?)
    My CC whisper decided to die on me, again, so Astute Cat took up the role as SL for Echo/Fox-combined-awesomness-squad.
    We pushed up on the southern edge of the mountain, stopping now and then to watch the firework from the mortar and about 1/3 into the mission Echo consisted of 3 PKM and one RPG/m16 m203 :D
    So we became the Fire Support Unit in E/FCAS and rained down fire on any enemy that dared stick up his head.
    That together with Astute whipping us forward and forcing us to use leaping manouvers and other tactic00l stuff made sure no one could harm us.
    We won. 0 Wounded/Dead in E/FCAS.

    Czech mate
    bravo FTL: Head
    AR: IceRaiser
    AAR: Richard Northern
    AT: Sinful(Somethingsomething Dark Side)

    Moved to RV, Head's VON stopped working, confusion was had.
    I was given control and ordered a direct assault on the compound.
    We went up, cleared the entrance and secured the compound with the rest of the teams.
    Got the order to stay inside the compound - but we were already outside so we started moving to our new RV.
    Engaged some inf, got split up; Richard went West with Alpha(?), Sinful and Head pushed towards the South and I flanked slightly to the East to deal with inf.
    Got a Breach-line-here-order from Head and ran there, killing inf on the way. Went prone next to the bunker and covered Fer and Toppo who were busy coming up with new ways to kill rabbits.
    Killed some more dudes while Head ran up and cleared the bunker closest east.
    Some enemies tried to sneak up via the valley just south of us and got Sinful(who died due to me using him as a meatshield) but we revenged his death!
    When everyone was at the line I asked Head wth Richard was. "Oh he's dead somewhere near the M113 compound. I'll grab Sinful's corpse, let's go."
    Never would I leave my gloriouz assistant behind! I ran back and searched for his corpse and found it laying near a bush..
    Poor Richard, he deserved a proper funeral!
    I picked up his corpse and carried it all the way back to the Breachpoint where Head was waiting, providing cover and encouragement.
    We carried our fallen comrades south whilst the other squads ran past us, missing several of their members.
    Fer tried to persuade us to leave our comrades behind but we said "Never! You'd carry Tigershark, we're doing it for any comrade!"
    I still wonder why the other squads didn't bring the bodies of their fallen comrades...
    Bravo Squad, Best Squad
    This is how Head carries ppl
    Last edited by IceRaiser; 22-07-2012 at 11:08 PM.

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    Late, but wth.

    HAT Gunner: StrangLove
    AssHAT: IceRaiser
    We moved into town, deployed on a building and got shot.
    I bled out as Unaco(?) was reviving me. Alas, lack of blood - my only weakness!
    Alt-tabbed out a quickie and when I came back.. I could see Strang carrying my corpse around screaming for others
    to help him. I think I heard him sobbing a bit and rambling something about "Fer didn't abandon Tigershark"... :,(
    Shortly after Strang had to leave me behind and lost it, he ran around singing "Loooving yoouu, is eaaaasyy" followed by some sobbing.
    In the last compound I overheard Strang cursing the Gods and he shot a M136 at them. <3

    Internecine I - Director's Cut.
    FTL: Nullkigan
    Sold'ya: Strang, Ice, ???

    We charged up towards the compounds, 'nades everywhere. Lots of death.

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    What started somewhat haphazardly turned into a great session in my eyes, thanks to everyone who turned up, and to Fer for hosting.

    Two Days Till Retirement
    FTL: Fer
    Policeman 1: Grizzly
    Policeman 2: Capernatious
    Policeman 3: Stranglove

    A pretty simple case of affairs on this adversarial, Delta Cop Force Tango Foxtrot (TM) moved down to the south of the village and struck up on foot from there. Our fireteam moved stealthily to the main office building, where all but Grizzly were killed by one man. Unfortunately, our guns were stuck on the doorframe and we were unable to traverse to kill him, ending my short career in the force.

    A1 FTL: Stranglove
    A1 AR: Pirate
    A1 AAR: Sinful
    A1 RAT: Kaleovil

    For a mission that seems to have gone badly for most, I quite enjoyed this one. The plan was a simple breakthrough, and A1 would be spearheading it. Accordingly, we moved into covered positions and waited for the whistle to go over the top. What we waded into was a sea of lead, all luckily pinging past most of A1 without much damage. Alpha as a whole got around 200M up the valley before running into trouble. With the IFV3 team eliminated by two RPG rounds, armoured support was non-existent. Bored of being stuck behind a rock, I attempted to push up the valley to what I deemed to be the next shred of cover, a small deadzone in the side of the valley floor. Unfortunately, the puppetmaster teams were established en-mass on the valley walls, and the road quickly became a quagmire. The rest of alpha being pinned or dead, and with myself and kale bleeding out, sinful was deemed new A1 FTL. He was not required to take up that post thanks to the courageous actions of two different soldiers, the first of which (Toppo, I believe) died during his attempts to heal me. The second heal attempt succeeded, and (Fer, A SQL, being dead) I ordered Alpha squad to dig in and consolidate. At this point, it really started going wrong for me. Not toggling on CC correctly left me deaf to Bravo and the remaining IFVs for a good 5 minutes, and communications issues prevented my plan of circling round to the northeast and passing to the rear of the hostiles from working. Whilst the IFVs led a suicide charge, I sat on a ridge and pinged bullets downrange at an AI squad. I failed to hit any, and the mission ended.

    Shapur Raiders
    SAM1 gunner: StrangLove
    SAM1 Assistant: Zitron

    This mission ended quickly for me. Having driven to the compound and dismounted, Zitron and I were promptly shot by a marauding M113.

    CO: StrangLove
    CO Medic: Capernatious

    Having been volunteered for the work placement scheme, I was quickly slotted into the CO role on this mission.

    The plan was simple: a line formation pushing along the ridgeline, with Alpha-Bravo and Echo-Foxtrot providing cover from the flanks. Charlie-Delta punched through the centre. Contact was quickly made, with a bunker plus infantry spotted on the start of the ridge. A mortar round was sent downrange to engage, but missed by a few meters. At this point, an unknown infantryman took it upon himself to eliminate the gun, and (with excellent marksmanship) took out the weapon and infantry in quick succession, freeing up the main element for a push. Thanks to excellent communications from FTLs, we were able to make good time and account for potential threats, and the mission was completed with minimum casulties (2 or 3 men lost). Shoutout to the Fireteam leaders for being excellent people to work with, and to Wolf (DC) for brilliant spotting and for guiding the mortars onto their targets.


    DC: StrangLove
    DC Medic: SuperU

    Having gotten on the ground safely, I gave orders to Charlie/Delta/MAT (under my command) to move to the RV points marked on map. Unfortunately, some minor comms issues (mainly on my side) along with early contact tied down our squads, so the original plan was revised and C/D/MAT were ordered to assault the compound through the front door. We completed the task quickly and effectively, but it was done with minor casulties (Sorry SuperU!). Pushing on past the compound, we had to first eliminate hostile positions on the ridgeline and then punch through to friendly lines. Unfortunately for me, I was killed by a stray AK round, bringing my session to an end.

    Apologies to AstuteCat, leader of Delta. I could have had that technical taken down, but instead I inadvertantly let him kill you. Sorry!

    Thanks everyone for an excellent session.
    [I]I'm Respecting your culture![/I]

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    Whilst bitter over dying in Czech mate on the first push. I found great comfort in the irony that the medic was the first man to go down!

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    Two Days Till Retirement
    FTL: Unaco
    Stoned gang member lying on the floor: Issus

    Quote Originally Posted by StrangLove View Post
    Our fireteam moved stealthily to the main office building, where all but Grizzly were killed by one man. Unfortunately, our guns were stuck on the doorframe and we were unable to traverse to kill him, ending my short career in the force.
    Ah, that was probably me. Sorry. I must admit, I did feel pretty bad afterwards for such cheap kills (until I remembered you pigs were there to take away our '80s metal music cassettes, and therefore deserved to burn in hell). You'll be glad to know your comrade Grizzly took my head (and amazing hair) clean off when I stupidly decided to stand up.

    Unfortunately for me, I'd earned a karma debt that was to be repaid in full during the rest of the session.


    Bravo 2 AT? We were supposed to hang back behind Alpha, but I think we must have pushed on past the front line because the entire fire team was dead within 20 seconds of first contact, thus securing the most glory. *basks in it*

    Shapur Raiders

    Charlie 2 AT. Managed to survive a bit longer in this one, enough to run from the truck into the compound before getting cut down. Oh well, someone had volunteered us to scout the convoy beforehand, so we would've all been dead fairly soon anyway.


    Delta. Thanks to mike's caring guidance and needless self-sacrifice, I managed to survive this one. Didn't kill anything though either, but I'm sure I must have made at least two enemy AI slightly concerned by loud noises coming out of my rifle.

    Got called away so couldn't participate in the Czechmate, but my second-ever Folk session was a lot of fun. Thanks to all who helped out/fired hot lead into my face. :)

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    [AAR] TT 24/07/2012 - 1.62 \o/

    Large amounts of everything was had...

    -From the sea
    -2 Days from retirement (berezino)
    (plus a bonus round of viva pinata)

    Post your tales of woe below. Thanks for those newcomers and I hoped you enjoyed the madness.

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    From the sea
    IFV1 commander.
    I was commanding a BMP-2, moving into the village from the west and clearing it out. There was a very close RPG round that nearly hit us, that came from the north hills. When the convoy arrived, I moved the BMP in position behind Waffly's BMP, but for some reason the moment we moved behind the corner to face the convoy, my BMP instantly exploded. But we survived and Bravo patched us up! And then the server crashed or something.

    2 Days from retirement

    I was a gangster in Mike's team. The whole mission we were sitting in a bar. Then we went to "flank" the enemy, in reality the enemy flanked us and we were massacred.

    Alpha 2

    We had a BTR-40 and it was fun. Some 20 minutes into the mission Iceraiser went AFK and I took the gun in the BTR, with head driving. Moved down a lot of insurgents with the Diskha, then we met a T-34 head on. The BTR was destroyed, but we got out unharmed, well almost, Ice was not so lucky, he was sleeping in the BTR as it got shelled by the tank. Then we jacked a T-34, but sadly the mission ended shortly afterwards.

    Indfor, Delta fireteam, AT.

    We were in the far east of Zagrabad. I was hiding in a building far away from my fireteam. Contact was established with the enemy before they saw us. Alpha and Bravo came under heavy fire from BLUFOR, I moved in to support them and flank BLUFOR from the east.

    I saw an enemy humvee, and I was aiming at it for about 2 minutes, waiting for it to stop. At the moment it stopped I fired my RPG, but I aimed too low and it missed completely. Then I took some potshots at an enemy fireteam, they saw me and I retreated a little. As I was looking at the enemy I heard 2 humvees near my position. And then one humvee drove through the wall I was covering behind. In panic I started to run to the nearest building to the north, using bushes as cover, but I was 50cal'd.

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    Had an eventful session and here are some highlights of it.

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    Awesome video Kefirz, lol you can see my BMP take the near RPG hit at the beggining of the video...
    One problem I had though, for some reason I could only hear some people on CC and not all of them. In the first mission I heard only the commander for some reason.

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    Just noticed this cross-posting thread. So, from the Folk forum:

    Two Days To Retirement

    My first mission with the folk from Folk, I thought it best to stick close to a familiar name. One I'd seen with a yellow sherriff's badge pinned next to it. Ansob drove us to RV2 where we leapt out and proceeded on-foot towards the village. We paused under some trees and I spotted figures moving into the village from the East. We couldn't tell if they were friendlies, so we moved onward to the village. The trees behind us were peppered and I heard a teammate go down; when we caught our breaths beside a house in the village, Ansob and I realised we were alone.

    We proceeded into the village along the road when Ansob ducked into an alleyway. I followed him into the alley and was immediately shot in the back. I dragged my almost-corpse towards Ansob who began to administer first aid until a splatter of shots took him down too. I heard his cry of defiance as he crawled towards the enemy, gun raised, then he was gone. Panicked semi-conscious wheeling led to another shot in the face. Possibly by Tigershark.


    After technical issues and jargon-comprehension-failure, I joined IFV3 as the gunner. Grumbles from Alpha 'meat shield' squad made me realise that being designated "tank hunter" was perhaps not as glamourous as it sounded. x25killa provided excellent communication as I spotted infantry running to the top of the hills to the South-West and South-East; he reported them to the Alpha team who fanned out in front of us to engage. I switched to the cannon and chewed up a few as Killa re-aligned for visibility. Suddenly, cries of "RPG" over the radio, a fumbling of controls and, too slow, I was tangled in the smoking mess of IFV3.

    Shapur Raiders

    Once again, I decided to stick close to a familiar, 'senior' figure. I awoke on Bravo's truck with Wolfenswan's bespectacled face filling my entire view (no concept of personal space). We approached the desert town with the intention of lying silently in wait for the convoy, but shots were heard before we even entered the town.

    The truck parked behind a building and we all climbed out into a narrow, cramped street. I saw that Wolfenswan was on the other side of the truck and attempted to squeeze past towards him. Just as I got him in view, he fell, injured. I dragged him back to the truck and started to give him first aid when another shot knocked me through the wall. Flimsy, desert walls.

    Disorientated, I tried to find my way back to him, following other members of Bravo who were already under heavy fire. I didn't last long.

    A great first session! Main success: not getting anyone else killed too badly.

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    [AAR] Folk [Sun] 29 July 2012 (Shapur is a graveyard)

    Cross-posting from the official AAR thread in the Folk forum (please please cross-post, or Party officials may detain you):

    Quote Originally Posted by fer
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    Comrades, as ever, thank you! Once again over 40 of you came along for the session, and fought valiantly for the cause! Just ... not the cause we usually fight for. Earlier, comrade Tigershark had sent his runner over to my dacha to complain that we had not done enough 'wargaming' as BLUFOR, and could we issue the comrades with western rifles this time around. Despite my deep misgivings (the dossier on comrade Tigershark contains some very disturbing pictures involving a USMC uniform, red-dot sight and a domestic animal), the rotation for tonight saw us play mostly as BLUFOR, complete with Littlebirds, Jackals and Warriors.

    We were still mostly murderised, I might add.


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