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    Well, Trapdoor are only funding it as far as I'm aware so I don't see how whatever Polytron do would effect that but if you mean would anyone buy a Polytron game again? Yeah, probably. I would. If it looks good enough. I'm fucking sick of the tabloid tittle tattle witch hunt that's gone on around Phil for the most part and I won't let that effect my buying decisions.

    I'll buy Fez when it comes out on Steam too as I said above, it's an excellent game. Admittedly, there's a proportion of the content I have no interest in but as you can walk away without having to indulge yourself going ever deeper down the rabbit hole, I'm happy with that. The first ending makes the whole thing worthwhile, it's magnificent and bollocks out brassy as fuck.

    And to get what's happening now in proportion, the patch fixes almost everything, it just corrupts existing saves at a certain point. Whilst it's not ideal, you can just start the game again and everything will be hunky dory from then on in. Sucks to lose progress but it's not the shitageddon the media have made this out to be. Of course, if you read some of the reports about this, you wouldn't actually know that so hung up are they on passing judgement or thou shalts. You'd think it'd be a fairly critical thing to mention but hey ho, eh?
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