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    Solium Infernium - Bastards Incorporated

    Open up your Idle and remove one of their lungs by talented talon, seal the wound and let them mix among your people, the next day collect the ignorant and remove one eye.

    Do this without explanation or mercy and despite any promises or bribes.

    Repeat this pattern for the a hand of the faithful(to anything but you) and pious, a leg of those whose have haste but no explanation the tongues of sycophants and the horns and fangs of the prudent. Preserve all these things in icor.

    Chose one each day until your kingdom whispers of dissent.

    Then make a proclamation that "all parts will be returned if you are brought the heads of all traitors in one fortnight ". Negotiate prices with surgeons of every calibre, burning heads as they arrive.

    Then on the appointed date gathering all the jars of parts and pile them in the town quadrangle, make a last call for heads. The look to a seer who shall remain silent to seal the effect (nb. if you are know to be skilled in scrying this deception is not nesscersry)

    Then torch all the jars which would be packed with tinder, announcing "blame lies with the traitors".

    Do not stop those who would throw themselves into the fire the to save the parts.
    Who fancies a new dropbox enabled game of solium infernum?

    Heads collected:
    Heliocentric: Mayoress Mare
    Sarigs: Gar'mesh
    squirrelfanatic: Prof Franz von Evil
    Jarvis: Nililio
    Dark weeble: Weebs
    Tikey: Marauder Shields
    El Cubo (Reserve)
    Dentharial (Reserve)

    Field of battle:
    Map Size: 12 / 14 / 16
    Map Type: Great Rivers / Acheron's Locks / Dante's Peak / The Lake of Fire / Infernal Divide / Random
    Place of Power: None / Rare/ Uncommon / Common
    Game Length: 10 / 15 / 20 / 25
    Infernal Census : Yes / No
    Rectification Content : Yes / No
    Kittens: Yes / No
    Game underway.
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