Hey all, i am currently looking to buy a good gaming headset so i am doing my net research.
I've spent some time reading guides and reviews on sites such as Tom'shardware, user reviews on Amazon and some other random sites i found on Google, but i am still not quite sure about my choices.

What i am looking for is something that does surround. I play quite a few online shooters and i figured having real surround sound would change the game experience a fair bit. The headset should also be comfortable, since gaming sessions can easily stretch over 2 hours straight. Sound quality is kind of not worth mentioning i guess, when shopping for a sound device. Lastly, my budget is about 100 euros, so sadly the sennheiser awesomeness is mostly off limits.

Now my first major doubt is - does surround actually work with headphones? I mean really work, like a decent home cinema 5.1 system does?

Then secondly, what to chose? There are quite a few options out there, with every major gaming gear or sound gear manufacturer offering some sort of a device that supposedly answers to my criteria.

According to a couple of reviews, the Logitech G35 are the best overall considering prices and quality. However, most of the reviews i found are kind of old, like a couple of years old, so i am not sure if they are still of importance. Also, i haven't seen much info on the Steelseries 5H (or 7H, the more expensive version).
Lastly, some of these headphones come with an "USB soundcard" - what's this all about? Could such a device provide better sound than standard MB integrated sound? Doesn't it consume too much power for an USB port to sustain properly?

I am mostly looking for personal experience based opinions, so if anyone has used/owns such headphones please share your experience.