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    Oh Dayim! The Journeyman Adventure Thread

    Damnit! I wanted to hold out for prototype 2, but something stellar, nay, AWESOME has caught my eye: Journeyman Project 2 & 3 is on sale at

    Fuck me, I loved the first one when I played it all those years ago. It's intelligent and good looking, AND SCI FI!

    The last bit is what separates it from Myst, for example. Myst is extremely lovely in its mechanical world type settings, and great puzzle building, but the first Journeyman did more than that, it gave you more of a purpose to do in it's world, and it made you feel like you actually belonged to an agency which sole task was to restore time/secure it.

    I will be loving these games.
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    Well, Prototype 2 will cost you $50. Buying JMP 2 & 3 will cost you $6. So go nuts, dude.

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