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    Recommend some indie 2D platform shooters for PC...

    I've just bought me-self an Intrusion 2, and am totally hungry for more.

    Other than Duke Nukem, Jazz Jackrabbit, & Blowout (what happened to that game, btw?), what other indie 2D platform shooters would you recommend that reminds you of Contra, & Treasure platformers?

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    Shank and Shank 2. I haven't played the second one but the first was pretty enjoyable.

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    Capsized is pretty good, beautiful to look at in my opinion.

    Also, Cave Story+, or the free version of Cave Story

    Free Version-

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    You cannot go wrong with Hurrican.

    Very well made, well designed, pretty to look at and with nice sound track.
    This is a Turrican clone that steals the best ideas from the original and builds upon them making this game one of the 2 2D run'n'gun greats.


    P.S. Did I mention that the game is free?

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    Bionic Command Rearmed is a beautiful thing.

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    I second Capsized, jetpack, gravity gun, and also a very nice looking game.

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    Ninja Senki is nice, if you don't mind not having a Save & Quit function. =P Also, of course, the unfinished version of The Iconoclasts.
    The Secret of Gargoyle Manor, a browser point-and-click adventure about retrieving your lost hat whatever the cost, is something you could play!

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    Seriously, Iji.

    Did I say Iji?

    Howdy neighbour, got any Iji I could borrow?

    Oh, hello there, we are part of the mormon church, and we wish to bring to your home the word of Iji.

    So yeah, in case it wasn't clear, Iji.

    It's free, and for the love of god, before you play, download the HQ SoundTrack; it is a treat for the ears.

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    Wow, Iji looks cool, like an insane Flashback redux. This trailer sold me.

    I would suggest Spelunky, Supercratebox, and (hopefully coming-soon) TowerClimb, but these are more thinking-oriented platformers than the guns blazing sort.

    The Treasure Astro-Boy game for GBA is worth hunting down, and Sin&Punishment 2: Star Successor on the Wii is an amazing mix of design elements (and tough!, start on easy).

    Realm of the Mad God is also almost this kind of thing, but a bit different, and maybe an acquired taste.

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    Noitu Love 2.
    Immersive Sims on Steam WIP

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    Not exactly what you're looking for, but maybe close enough?

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    * A.R.E.S is good. Kinda Megamanish in flash graphics. Also works nice with a pad.
    * Dark Void Zero is ace, if you don't mind it's full-on 8-bittery. Also a bit on the short side. No mouse control. This is 100% a NES game.
    * Rocket Knight, maybe. Demo was very fun, but i've yet to try the full game. More platformer than run-n-gun I expect. Again, no crosshair mouse aiming.
    * Abuse. Apparently a classic, but before my time as a PC Gamer so I can't speak on it. Mouse controlled aiming though.

    Games mentioned already mostly deserve seconding...
    Cave Story+ for certain. Gameplay/control-wise, it's solid as rock imo. There's no reticule aiming, it's all jump-n-shoot, though you can shoot straight up, or down whilst in the air.

    Bionic Commando Rearmed is good stuff, as mentioned (personal issue with this one: I found it a sheer excercise in frustration with an Xbox pad, as the game requires continuous use of diagonal inputs).

    Capsized is indeed cool. Less run-n-gun platformer, more fling things and yourself around with a grapple and floaty physics. Controls are nice as it uses twin sticks, or reticule aiming. However there's very little weight to the combat as you spend most of the time jetting/falling/floating through the air, trying to hose down lots of annoyingly small insect enemies.

    I've only played the demo of Noitu Love 2 - Can confirm you jump about with keys and mouse-aim the reticule. Demo was action packed, if a bit click-click-clickety.

    Maybe worth a mention, maybe not, but i'll mention Lara Croft: GoL anyway.
    Not 2D, or particulary indie, but there's lots of running, gunning and a fair dollop of platforming involved. Plus of course, online co-op.
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    Yeah, if you don't mind more of an emphasis on puzzles, Rochard is a decent choice. When I played it on the PS3 I spent most of my time using the blaster, not the gravity gun.
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    The new Indie Royale bundle has one or two games that might fit this category as well, for the record... just thought I'd throw that out there.

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    Action Fist is a great, free one that came out a couple of years ago. It's got some challenge to it, the music is pretty rad, and all in all it's a great ode to old school shooters. Check it out here:

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    I had fun with A.R.E.S., although there isn't a lot of difficult playforming involved.
    I agree with cave story, best platform/shooter since megaman 2.

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    I enjoyed Cave Story (except the three-in-a-row boss near the end).

    I've also had a lot of fun with Soldat. It's a polish shareware game (the free version works just fine). Imagine if counter-strike (lots of weapon choices, fast paced, team-shooter) crossed with Tribes (everyone has jet-boots and mobility is everything--there's a little gallop technique you have to learn pretty quick to do well) in a 2d platformer engine. There are tons of mods for visual style if you want to play around with adorable pixel art versions of your favorite video game characters, and the game has a nice selection of varied weapons and various server options and mutators you'll run into as you play (ctf, dm, team dm, koh, team koh, Zombie Hoard, "realism" mode, and so forth). It ain't pretty, but it's fun. Not sure what the server population is like currently; haven't played in a long while. If you see a guy in a lime green shirt and hot pink pants it might be me. I usually go by Gwathdring there, too. Might go back and give it a go, see how it's doing. It gets updated every so often.

    I'll also second Bionic Commando Rearmed. Very pretty, very slick, appreciably tough.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Memph View Post
    * Abuse. Apparently a classic, but before my time as a PC Gamer so I can't speak on it. Mouse controlled aiming though.
    I came here to post this. Abuse is one of the first PC (Linux) games I played and it's brilliant. Superb atmosphere, wonderful sound design (although when I first played, I didn't even have a sound card) and genuinely terrifying in places.

    It's available for free, but the main website that supports it has been down for a while. I'm sure there are plenty of alternative places to find it though.

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    Soldat used to be fun, if you like a multiplayer game. Didn't play it in 3 years though.

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