In my quest to rid my cramped apartment of clutter I've pledged to buy no more content published on paper or plastic, opting for digital versions wherever possible. Between MP3s and ebooks I've got this down pretty well except for magazines. Living in Canada our selection pales in comparison to what's available in the USA and even England in many cases.

I found a good price for Maximum PC ($11/year for 13 issues) on which has a good selection of issues, back-issues, and subscriptions, and is readable on the web and on iOS and Android. So far so good. They have PC Gamer's UK edition for $40 which isn't unreasonable so I'm considering replacing my beloved, essential PC Gamer USA subscription with that when it lapses this year.

Does anyone have any experience with digital magazines? Has it been pleasurable and convenient? Any recommendations for services? My personal needs are for PC and smartphone (I own an Android tablet but never use it) but for the sake of discussion feel free to mention any services for any platforms.