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    Cool Konvict Gaming Community

    I am GOTHwarCHILD and I am a DOTA 2 moderator of Konvict Gaming. We are looking to expand our numbers playing DOTA 2. The aim is to avoid pub games with unreliable team mates and trolls who are out to trash games for there amusement. Growing our numbers will give us more opportunity to set up in house events like overthrow and 10 vs 10. We have an active forums and our mods are regularly checking them to see what DOTA arcade games our members are favouring.

    We recruit Quality of person above quality of player. At Konvict Gaming [KG] We have no skill requirements to join. We know players get better over time and we find it easier to help noobs get better than to teach trolls respect. Our only recruitment requirements are :-

    All applicants must be 16 years upwards :- We have NO TOLERANCE towards sexism or racism in [KG]
    Our age restriction is to avoid immature players getting
    banned for lack of control.

    Teamspeak and working mic :- We cover many games and our members are encouraged to move
    Freely around our teamspeak. As this happens. Community members
    become friends. At [KG] This is what we are after. Coming onto
    Teamspeak lets new members see what we are about in between game.
    The in game advantages with co-operation and team play should not be

    English is a must :- To avoid division in the clan for single games. We ask all our members to be able to
    communicate in English. Please understand that we are not asking for degree if
    English is not your first language. when your application reaches its trial period. You
    Will be introduced to members who are online at the time and we would like you to
    understand what is going on.

    How to apply:- Pop onto our forums and fill out an application form
    we process new applications daily. You will be asked to join us on teamspeak for a short
    explanation of our code of conduct and launch your trial period.This is a 2 week phase
    to see how you fit in to our community.

    If you have any Questions. Add me on steam "GOTHwarCHILD" in the only one. I will walk you through any parts you life.
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    we are still recruiting people. We have had a few new members join. Always looking for more

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    recruit 2.jpg

    We are always recruiting. Cme check us out at
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    I will join soon.Thanks.

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    Hope to see you soon! Let us know what name you used on our site so we can see where you came from! Its always nice to know that our recruitment efforts are bringing in new members.

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    Have your team facebook group?

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