It's me again! This time looking for mice opinions. I need to replace my Ikari Laser - the left button got slightly busted, it's double clicking automatically, and also every now and then the mouse will not work after reboot, only it's buttons do.

I am very disappointing, since this thing cost me 70 euros, and it's also THE most comfortable mouse i've ever used. It's ergonomics are so amazing that it makes me really sad to have to replace it. However, the build quality is apparently not quite on par. *sigh*
So i am now looking for replacement options. I am looking for solid, good quality mouse with a moderate number of buttons (like 2 more, except the standard 2+wheel), nothing crazy. I mostly play DOTA and FPS so precision and comfort come first. I'd like it to feel heavy in the hand and be "big", i have large hands and small mice force me to fold my palm in an uncomfortable position. (That's why i found the Ikari awesome, it's design fits perfectly my hand). Oh yeah, it MUST be a cable mouse, gaming doesn't really work with cordless mice imho.

So far i've got the Razer Imperator as a possible substitute, but i've never owned a Razer mouse so i am not sure if it's a good choice.

What do you guys think? Suggestions?