We didn't have one of these here before, did we? I hope so because mine wouldn't be unique otherwise.

Anyway, I like playing the infallible Natural Selection 2. Are you like me, except more social and ready to play with total strangers threaded together by a site focusing on games? Do you like aliens? Do you like shooting at aliens? Maybe chewing some nice human heel as said alien?
Let's see how many we have, yeah? Maybe get a group going, jaw over a glass of milk in the Raging Onos. Shoot each other up a bit.

Anyway, the game's fun but still in beta. You can get into the said beta by preordering the game through here: http://www.unknownworlds.com/ns2/ which you then play through Steam.

It's pretty good, not F2P (this means you get all the guns you want for one price! Extraordinary.) and very much fun. Asymmetrical team-based shooter.

Who's in?