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    The Steam Summer Sale Thread of 2011 - My god. It's full of games.

    PLEASE READ FOR YOUR OWN BENEFIT - Many games will be having further discounts when they are included as part of a daily deal. If you want a game, it is highly recommended that you wait until the last day(s) so that you can attain the best possible sale. If the game you want does not go on a further sale by that point, then is the time to buy it. This avoids depressing yourself on further missed savings!

    This thread is designed to be updated with daily happenings and a general list of desirable discounted games. It also removes clutter from the PC Bargains thread. The discussion of games on sale is encouraged. Let's help everyone, eh?

    The sale lasts from June 30th to July 10th and there will be daily deals on each. Recommended use of Ctrl+F on each page to find if a game you're interested in is being talked about.

    For a very comprehensive and up-to-date list of the games on general sale, please use SavyGamer.

    From page 24 in particular, there are discussions of good games that are on sale, but perhaps haven't been daily'd. Peruse and discover the varied tastes of RPS!..also, buy VVVVVV.

    Daily Deals and Achievements - 10th July - As today is the last day of the sale, any games you want that are on sale, now is the time to get them!

    Active as of 6pm GMT. Unless stated, all DLC will also be discounted the same amount.

    Magicka/Complete/ - 66% - £2.71/£5.77.
    Sanctum - 75% - £2.49.
    Portal 2 - 50% - £15.
    Dawn of War 2: Retribution (standalone xpac) - 50% - £10.
    The Witcher 2 - 33% - £23.44.
    Just Cause/2 - 75% - £2/£3.50.
    Two Worlds 2 - 66% - £8.50.
    Grand Theft Auto 4 complete - 75% - £6.25.
    Fable 3 - 50% - £15.
    Borderlands GOTY - 75% - £7.50.
    Total War: Shogun 2 - 50% - £18.
    Terraria - 50% - £3.
    Battlefield: Bad Company 2/Vietnam xpac/Pack (includes additional DLC)- 75%/66%/71% - £5/£3.40/£10.
    Fallout: New Vegas/Dead Money and Honest Hearts xpacs - 70% - £9/£2.25 (each).
    Assassin's Creed/2 Deluxe Edition/Brotherhood/Complete pack - 66%/66%/50%/66% - £3.40/£5.10/£15/£17.

    By completing special achievements, you can earn special in-game goodies. These seem to be done daily, but are not necessarily the daily deals. Anthile has posted a thread where users can help each other with the daily achievements. Take a gander!

    As today is the final day of the sale, there are no new daily achievements. This is, however, your last opportunity to get as many as possible!

    Completing these achievements also enters you into a prize draw, where 100 winners receive the top 10 games on their wishlist. Please check Anthile's thread (above) for details on the achievements.

    Please leave any noteworthy sales in posts. They will (eventually) be updated to this post.
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