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    My computer randomly shuts down

    So my machine randomly shut down a few times yesterday. I'm fairly sure it's a heat issue, but here's what's been happening.

    I've had this machine for almost 2 years. It's a custom build from iBuyPower. I went this route because I knew nothing about building PCs at the time (knowledge is still minimal) and the price was right.

    It's been running great until last night. A few days before, I noticed the primary fan started whining and making other undesirable noises that was getting steadily worse with time. After shutting it off, blasting it with air (which I try to do monthly) and restarting, the noise got worse and it shutdown before loading Windows. Here's a terrible phone pic of the thermal readout from Speedfan. Looks hot. :(

    Thankfully it's still under warranty for labor and support, so I'll probably go that route, but I'm curious what's causing heat spikes so suddenly. It's well-ventilated under my desk and, while my apartment is dusty, I keep it clean. The system came with a free liquid cooling upgrade, listed on my invoice as Liquid CPU Cooling System [SOCKET-1156] - [Free Upgrade] Standard 120mm Fan, and this is the guy I believe is acting up.

    When I rebooted to run Speedfan and took this shot, I noticed the mobo bootup screen didn't display as it usually does.

    Specs at a glance are:

    i5 760
    Radeon HD 5830
    8GB RAM
    Gigabyte GA-P55-USB3
    800w Solytech PS
    Win7 64

    Any ideas? Simply a failing fan? What should I look for? I shot a video of it booting up and the fan struggling after letting it sit for an hour or so. Not sure how illustrative it'll be, but my phone picked up the "sad fan" sounds...I'll upload it in a bit if someone thinks it'll help.

    And thanks in advance for any help and advice. This might be a good opportunity for me to finally understand how to put things together myself and make stuff work.
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