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    I44 Saturdays & Dynamic Campaign

    What are Invasion Saturdays?
    Invasion Saturdays are about playing Invasion44 mod for Arma 2 in a relaxed, organized and a fun way. Everyone is welcome to join and we accept players with any kind of experience.

    When is the session?
    Every Saturday at 19:30 BST, 20:30 CET.

    How can I find you guys?
    We play on the ARPS mod server called "sMODGASBORD" (Filter by ARPS) and use the unofficial RPS community Mumble VOIP server.

    What version do I need? Do I need mods?
    Use the latest ARMA 2: Combined Operations version,currently it is 1.62

    Yes you will need mods, here is a list of required mods:





    Jeez, that looks like a lot.
    It may look that way, but trust me it's worth it.

    Can I use Six Updater instead?
    Of course you can, but if you don't want to use Six Updater and still play with us go here:
    (For more info on how to avoid using Six Updater, contact me)

    Do you guys have a Dynamic Campaign?
    Yes we do Have a Dynamic Campaign where player actions matter more than ever, because every player is trying to achieve a common goal of completing the mission and ultimately win the campaign.
    The Dynamic Campaign will start on 6th October 2012

    What can I expect?
    We have a particular approach to playing missions that ensures enough organization to have a good gaming experience, but not too too much to get bogged down by complex communication, ranks or micromanagement. Our approach isn't about emulating real-world military organizations or operations, but enjoying a game where tactics and teamwork reign supreme.

    The missions cover the entire ARMA2 spectrum: all sides, all islands, all gear and all degrees of death (revive, respawn and permadeath) make an appearance. Most missions are designed for 20-30 players, and most slots are standard infantry with occasional transport pilots, special weapon teams and vehicle crews thrown in.

    What is a i44 session like?
    One of the players volunteers as the commander (CO), and the rest are divided into fireteams of about three to six people. Every fireteam has a fireteam leader (FTL). Special weapon teams and vehicle crews are treated similar to fireteams. Anyone can volunteer for both CO and FTL roles.

    During the briefing the commander lays out a plan for the fireteam leaders to carry out, and presents it to the other players. After a round of questions the mission starts.

    During the mission, players stick to their fireteams and carry out their FTL's orders. Players communicate mostly within their own fireteam using the in-game voice function (VON), or Mumble if the fireteams have been split to separate Mumble channels. FTLs relay important information to other FTLs and the commander as they see fit. Keeping the main communication channels clear makes sure important information gets through and helps the commander and fireteams coordinate their efforts.

    To ensure a smooth ride and maximize the time we can spend actually playing the game, here are a few things the players should keep in mind:

    • Listen to the host who is running the session. He is there to make sure everyone can enjoy the game.
    • Connect to the ARPS Mumble server and join the ARMA2 channel in time. We prefer you to have a microphone, quality isn't essential as Mumble is very forgiving.
    • Once you're in the in-game slotting screen, click on your name on the left-hand side to de-slot. This will speed up the slotting process.
    • Keep unnecessary smalltalk for a time when nothing else is going on. This way we can get the slotting and planning phases done with no time wasted.
    • Don't hog the leadership and special weapon slots. This way everyone, including new players has the chance to experience all aspects of the game.

    But... but I still have questions.
    Feel free to ask anything in this thread or contact me personally.
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