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I noted some interest in the Planescape2 Kickerstarter project (something that excites us as well) and I'd like to take the opportunity to shamelessly plug our NWN2 Server and Community of RPer's.

We've a goodly number of european players (the server itself is located in Oslo, Norway), US, and other countries.

We have a thriving online community with Forum roleplay as well, that compliments our online play, in addition to lore & canon threads, general information about the Planescape subgenre, and FAQ's for new players.

Our persistent world itself features the latest in HAKs, clothing mods, special races you can play (Modron, Githzerai, Ogres, Celestials, Cambions, Illithids, just to name a few), and a large number of both RP-dedicated and adventuring areas.

If you like Planescape, come play with us! NWN2 may be somewhat of a dated, flawed beast (yet cheap to buy now!), however, I think our roleplay makes up for it.