OK then folks heres the deal

Twice annually a bunch of Super Awesome Dudes from the RPS Eve corp started by yours truly get together somewhere in the UK and get horribly destroyed by a new hip drug called "alcohol". The next weekend of terrifying awesomeness is most likely to be mid september.

As I am no longer the glorious CEO of RPSH and quite frankly love a big knees up, I thought this time around we could open it up to all RPS readers even if you aren't brave enough to attempt the wilds of Eve-Online, CCP's premier fashion spaceship/monacle simulator.

Timing is roughly mid September (to be firmed up obviously) and most likely to be in the mighty Dreadhold of Birmingham.

What you can expect:- Geekery, drunkeness, lack of females and testicles being placed on Dwergis head.

What you can't expect:- The unexpected

long story short were going to get pissed up in Brum on a convinient saturday mid'ish September and talk about games, hats, the hivemind behind their backs and staring eyes tags.

Start time is generally midday'ish and ends when the last man vomits all over my fucking floor... Dwergi!

In order to identify ourselves the theme will be hats. So please if you fancy coming, some sort of wicked shit hat is in order. Also your name sewn into your clothes with a home address and a next of kin.

Please post with your interest as the venue will vary wildly depending on how many awesome gamers we can expect.

Eben "still using his Eve name" Rochelle