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    Another Great Book Store That I Noticed

    Too lazy to dig out my old thread of "A Great Book Store That I Found", and that actually it seems I can't buy from this book store for the time being, just watch this from a local TV news channel so want to share with you the concept.

    It's a book store in France, operated by a university (but the name of the university has not been mentioned in the show, damn). Instead of holding inventories of printed books, this book store runs a database of currently about 3M books. Yet this is a "real" book store selling "real" printed books, not ebooks. So how it does business? You probably have figured it out, yes, it prints out a full book upon demand. I think anyone can come up with such concept, so the issue here is how you achieve it. If you receive an order and can fulfill it only a full-day later, other customers will not hesitate to turn away and buy from traditional bookstores or Amazon.

    Here, this bookstore successfully print out and make a several hundred-page book "within a duration of making a cup of machine-made cappuccino", within 5 minutes, and such a finished book can have a hardcover, exact finished book as one's counterpart you can buy from any traditional book store. This concept will soon spread to New York, too.

    Yet, current constraint is this book store can only print out a book of up to 850 pages. Beyond that and they still cannot cater such business, due to limitation of their printers and book-binding machines.

    That's all I know about this great bookstore. Any friends from France can share with us more about it?

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    This kinda makes sense. They don't need to have vast space for storing the books, they don't need to haul them from publishers etc. If price stays the same or is lower (storing and moving books can be expensive) then ok.
    But I see one significant flaw. I don't know how many great books I've read just because I've stumbled upon them in library or book store and because I've liked the cover/title/blurb. Or just "oh yeah, I've heard about that book, let's try it".

    EDIT: I've just realised that there's no way the price will be lower, it's like with digital games where people thought that if you remove costs of box, CDs, booklets, shipping to stores etc. the prices will drop. They didn't.
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    Oh that is a neat idea, print books based on demand! Saves trees in the end, even if its still worse than eBooks.

    But I must admit, there is something nice about opening an old ass book and getting the whiff of that old book smell :p The Xerox ink fragrance isn't quite the same heh.

    GameCat also brings up a good point - I usually do my research first, but on occasion went to libraries ti just browse the covers. Tho it's probably increasingly less common in our increasingly digital age.
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    I agree with you guys about the shortcoming of this concept, yet the trend has started to change. Years ago, yes, I also would have to pick up books before buying any, and that's exactly why real estate developers here operating the shopping malls love and hate bookstores for this exact shopping habits of readers. Almost each large arcade here should have at least one large bookstore or that arcade without one will not last long. Bookstores seem to be the only kinda stores to be able to draw enough people flow. Yet it's also for the fact people spend far too slow in bookstores that they won't be able to raise the land rent too much. They often have to draw in bookstores with concessions.

    But for me, really, I have been less frequently visiting bookstores before having a wished booklist. Really, Internet changes everything. Now I would surf through webpages of bookstores to see which books of my favorite topics look attractive, and which books are most popular, then I would go to visit. So yes, I think the concepts may not be appealing to majority for the time being, but it will, soon enough.

    Plus, since this is a bookstore operated by university, I bet most customers would be students and academicians looking for academic books. That this concept would be very appealing to them in the first place.

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