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    Syrian Civil War

    So, you guys ever check the news? Or YouTube? It's flooded with videos, including the usual allahuackbar/beheading/defenestration/execution/masturbation in front of the camera/IED stuff done by rebels. But, apparently, it's all good since they are fighting the bad people. Is it okay? I mean, you do support them through your so-called 'free media'( that is now basically a Rebels propaganda wing) and through Turkey( it's still in NATO, right?). You guys are comfortable with all this? Can you still play Jagged Alliance 2?

    More importantly, whos next after Assad? I have a feeling things are snowballing and this is nearly not the end. There are reports of Libyan rebels fighting together with Syrian ones. All those people with weapons, explosives and shakhadas, are they just going to trade their kit for pitchforks and become farmers?
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