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    Quote Originally Posted by rockman29 View Post
    You can't. This is what US wants to it can exert further control. Military intervention is simply the next step!
    Hey, I don't know if you've noticed, but neither the US nor Russia want the whole country to fall apart, and if this keeps going, that's exactly what's going to happen. It will cease to function as a country. Without a central infrastructure, it'll just be a free-for-all with these Salafi Mujahideen.

    What have we achieved in Iraq? When we destroyed the Sunni power structure, we got Baathists roaming around and killing Shiites, so we filled up a police force with Sadr rebels. Then we got the Shia Mahdi Army killing Sunnis left and right, so we propped up Sunnis in the police forces that were allegedly unaffiliated with the Baathists and Al-Qaeda and ended up being generally ineffective while the entire country basically ethnically cleansed itself. What we got was 3 million refugees, a 2 trillion dollar clean-up bill, a UN and EU that distrusts us, and a regime that can't even keep the power on.

    What, pray tell, control do you speak of, in this grand American conspiracy of yours? Ultimately speaking, when the resident right-wing fascist can point out holes in your theory, you're doing Liberalism no favors, so quit while you're behind.
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