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    That pretty much everybody - Assad, the Syrian civilians, Syrian-Americans, Jordan, Israel, the militias, Russia, the Democrats, the Republicans - is demanding that we do or don't do something simultaneously, it's clearly up in the air no matter what. I suspect Obama will take this opportunity provided by Putin to choose a different tack, because whatever he is, he's not an ideological hardliner.
    I strongly dislike Chomsky (though he's entertaining in a rockman29 sort of way) but I admittedly like the Putin escape route angle.

    Obama may not be a hardliner, but again, why even bother with the red line and credibility talk? I'm baffled by Obama's reasoning; what credibility does the international community (even including Russia) or a minimal Franco-American alliance-of-necessity have to preserve in the Middle East? The belligerents involved don't think we have a face that can be saved afaict.
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