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I can only stomach so much of the "We are totally not news broadcasters but we are also the only source of news for a disturbingly large portion of the country and we'll mock our colleagues by calling them shoddy news broadcasters", but my recollection is that they will mercilessly attack CNNs editorial shows (Crossfire, ha), but tend to stay pretty quiet on the actual news broadcasting, whereas they go all out against Fox.
Three things.

1) You really haven't been paying attention, then, but then I don't take you for a guy who actually watches the Daily Show, so I suspect you're getting your information second-hand. The Daily Show has excoriated CNN over their 24-hour news cycle more or less non-stop, especially during the elections and when CNN tries to get the "scoop" on non-news reports.

2) The Daily Show is not an unbiased source, nor have they ever attempted to be or said they were. They are a comedy program that focuses on media criticism, and as Jon Stewart has said to both Fox News (before calling in a gospel choir to chant "go fuck yourself") and CNN (before referencing Crank Yankers) is "it's not about holding me to your standards. If you're comparing yourself to a comedy program, you've already lost."

3) The whole "people are using the Daily Show as their source of news, therefore the Daily Show is a news program" is a Fox News talking point used to bolster the spurious argument that's already been refuted in #2. It's dishonest because they don't have the numbers to support it, and it's hypocritical because Fox switches between "unbiased" news and extremely biased "news commentary" without pause more or less constantly through the day. Indeed, one of the Daily Show's common refrains is how the news anchors and the news commentators say the exact same thing, often in the exact same words​.