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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparkasaurusmex View Post
    edit: wait, so if you revert to original CMOS settings, plug into onboard VGA out you still get nothing?
    I'm reading it as that - the mobo is dead even with the card removed.

    One possibility is that the bios isn't reverting to the onboard graphics tho - we need to test the mobo to see what's happening with that.

    What I'd do is remove EVERYTHING from the mobo (memory, other cards, SATA/IDE cables, USB/FP Audio headers - just leave the power connector, power switch header and cpu fan header on and try starting it - you'll know if it works because the CPU fan will spin - and you'll get POST beeps (or not) if you have the speaker

    If not, we're looking at either

    1 - your PSU has failed - this might have been why the old card didn't work and the new one has just pushed it off the cliff. The oNLY way to check this is stick another PSU in there

    2 - your mobo has blown. This COULD be caused by the last card - or this card - or the PSU or it could just be a fluke. If another PSU won't make it boot (as naked as possible as above) then that's where we've arrived...

    Bad shit, basically - but it's a "one component at a time" rebuild until you find what stops it working.
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