what weapon choices have people gone for?
my guardian is lvl 30 now, and for pretty much the entirety of my play time ive been hammer and scepter +torch. and from what ive gathered, im not good at doing anything to a high degree.

so ive decided to spend my day at work making pvp builds, as thats what im mostly interested in:

Siege Support : http://en.gw2codex.com/build/15348-siege-support

Offensive Sword : http://en.gw2codex.com/build/15361-blinding-burn

i find that guardians are pretty useless when it comes to ranged damage, so supporting those around i think is the way forward for WvW. and as for offence. i dont think you can match the sword build at this point in time for sheer damage. lost count of how many times the hammer has saved me from being killed once ive been in the downed state.

let me know what you think of the builds! o/