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    RPS Collaborative Spotify Playlist

    This is the
    RPS Collaborative Spotify Playlist
    as created by Eckoe, many aeons ago.

    It has kinda slowed down lately, I (LeeMajorz) added the last track to it on March 11th and since then it has been deadly silent. (sorry if I killed the vibe with all my terrible track-selections y'all!) Which is a shame because a lot of cool people added really cool tracks to it before it dried up. I know I've found one or two new favourite tunes by browsing through it, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

    Most huge collaborative playlists have a tendency to grind to a halt sooner or later, but I figured that now that we have a forum, and consequently a chance to discuss the tracks we add, the playlist may get a second wind. So all you lucky enough to live in one of the few Spotify-enabled Euro-countries, subscribe to the playlist and start adding some new tunes! :)

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    Subscribed and track added, but it's such a long playlist! Maybe a new one would be an idea...

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