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    GW2 RPS Guild Introduce Yourself

    Welcome one and all!

    Please use this thread to introduce yourselves. In the future we'll ask all potential members of the RPS guild to come here and say hello so we at least ensure some link to RPS.

    Fancy joining the guild? This is the place to do it, but first please have a read of this:

    Back with us? Still keen to join? Good, please say hello here and tell us a little about yourself. If you're new to RPS, it'd be good to also mention what brought you here and why you're interested in joining the guild.

    Don't worry, its not an audition - although if you're a complete arse, or clearly don't fit in with our sensibilities we'll politely say no - but we'd like to have as many guild members as possible be active members of the forums as well.

    Please note flattery/bribery is both tolerated and encouraged.

    EDIT: Having introduced yourself please either post your account name (the one with 4 zeroes on the end) or please PM it to me here

    Please avoid sending it to me in game as I tend to miss chat messages
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