Hello all. First post! Longtime RPS reader and lurker here, only posting now to make sure I get invited to this here guild. I anticipate that I'll be quite active, at least in this subforum, after the game launches. I am a member of the Steam group.

I've been planning out my character for a while now, I'll be a human engineer with a nice compliment of turrets, and a rifle. I'll mainly play defence in WvW. I plan to quickly max out my leatherworking and huntsman disciplines, as well as one or two others. I'll be, uh, aiming to craft an epic rifle A.S.A.P.

I'm a thirty-something Canadian, I live in BC, some 8 hours off of most of you folks' time zones, but that won't be an issue for me. I played on Aurora Glade during the BWE's, and it mostly went quite smoothly. For maybe 15 minutes on one day the lag was noticeable and annoying. I keep all kinds of weird hours, and will be online playing GW2 *most* of the time for the next few months, so I should be awake and around for any guild-related events.

Looking forward to questing with the lot of you! See you online in 43-46 hours!