Hello everyone. I am a long time reader of the website, but I have never ventured on the forum before. I met a member of the guild by chance today while I was dancing in front of Warmaster Yulia, hopping to debug her (which unfortunately did not work) and he or she suggested I join the forum and ask for an invite, which I thought was a brilliant idea.

My gaming time is fairly weird, since I work during day time and live in Asia, but I hope that this won't be a problem. I haven't played video games in many years, having been busy with university in Canada first, then work, but I'm trying to get back into it through Guild Wars 2, which I highly enjoy. I was an avid player of the original Guild Wars at one point, but I stopped playing years ago. I spend most of my time in game exploring around and I play at my own pace, but I would really like to join some guild events and find some friends to play with.

If it seems like I might fit in the guild, my account is Zweiko.3745. Thank you for reading my introduction !